I don't have titles for my newer poems

The need to write
Is overwhelming
Maybe for me alone
Maybe for you as well
But don't bottle it up inside
And if writhing is what you need
Then write
And if it is the need to draw
Then draw
If it's laughter
Then laugh
If what you need to do is cry
Then cry
Because it's what
You need to do
And you are important
So do what you love
And love what you do
For that
Is what makes people love you
Just for being you



rock out


rock out as much as you can becuse there my not be another chance

hello world


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air1 postive alternative

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a love rock but not hard metal .
i just learned about this group and truly injoy it

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'm evangelical God-fearing, and dreamy love my family, friends and I really want and I can realize my dreams ah yes ... I'll be an actress and a great singer ... and know the barlow girl


I'm a 17 years old nurse-student. I'm a huge Barlowgirl and Everlife fan! I live in Holland. And I love singing and playing my guitars

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