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How did you hear of !band?: 
My dad brought home their first CD, and gave it to me, since then, I've been hooked.

Jody S. Anderson

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It is such a beautiful thing when we surrender and let God take control. HE is always there to pick us up! Why do we doubt Him when He is the Creator of this universe. There are so many time were we are brought to our knees in awe. He gives our talents/ spiritual gifts to us and does things beyond our comprehension. Sometime even when HE asks us to wait on His timing it can get frustrating, but knowing that His timing for every thing is the perfect timing for everything. I encourage you girls that when you do get tired of waiting on HIM to run to Him! Cause HE says, "You are my child! I love you! Come unto me and I will not let you grow weary." I pray that today you will have joy in your hearts and keep seeking him in whatever you today. Let everything you do glorify HIM. God bless

Daily Impact

If we were to allow ourselves to get upset by the daily impact of all we see and all we hear and by all the disappointing circumstances in life., we would soon be so upset that we would lose sight of our goals and destiny in life. If we would lose sight of those things, we would leave our thoughts and our lives open to all of the real and imagined disturbances of each day, and we would become ineffective in living-- Paralyzed with the fearful awareness of some approaching doom. The calamities that threaten would be our constant companions. If we trembled before all the troubles and tragedies that could or might or has happened, and worry about them as though they already happened, life could surely become a fearful ordeal. Things could go wrong today, but we will not let that possibility rob us of the potential for joy. If every stormy wind, every flurry, every ocean wave was permitted to capsize our little boat, we would be drenched and drowning all the time.

lunch time

tomorrow i have a full day at school. i start 10:30am-3:20pm. i have 10 min breaks in between time. and i dont kno how im suppose to eat my lunch! of coarse i can eat and walk at the same time lol its funny, i dont let to eat lunch by myself in public. i usually just go to the locker room and eat there and call my sister, and we hat :) but i cant do that this term in college. oh well.
Thank you Lord that im never alone, you always with me wen i eat by myself :) i love you.


How did you hear of !band?: 
i all way like them


How did you hear of !band?: 
I herd everalone when it came out, and that's perty much how I feel all the time.


How did you hear of !band?: 
About four years ago, my sister borrowed the first cd from the library and we both listened to it. I was still pretty young and hadn't quite developed my passion for music yet, so I pretty much forgot about it. About a year later, I pulled out the second cd that my parents had gotten me and started listening to it. I was so inspired by, not only the awesomeness of the music, but the powerful messages behind the songs. A little while later, I learned to play guitar. I've always sung, but guitar was a big step in my musical career. Barlowgirl is one of my biggest musical influences and one day I hope to be able to share with them how much their music has meant to me over the past few years.

just a question

My girls love your stuff as do I. They are 8 and 11. Is it appropriate to bring them to your Madison concert on Saturday? I am in a band so they are used to loud music and performance settings. Also we have been to a Hillsong United event. I don't know if you will get this and respond in time. Hope to see you! Thanks for being who you are for Christ and your messages. They are great proactive springboards for conversations with daughters!

Love in Christ,
Courtney Johnson

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