Monkey for a sister

My sister is turning into a monkey AHHHHHH!!!!Some one help!!!!!!!

Flower girl

Me holding a flower beside my house. My mom took the pic


I've been playing drum for thirt(mumble,mumble).. years, and Loren I must tell you, I've never seen a
female drummer with such class, finesse and raw power til you!! If I wasn't taken already, I'd ask you to marry me!?!
lol! But alas, most drummers are married to their kit, anyway; so "May the Two of You be very,very Happy
Together",LOL!!! The Lord has given me at least 3 separate Christian bands to play with & has blessed me
with many, many great opportunities to witness Christ's Love. He's about to do it one more time with a group
of about 7 of us! The Rhythm Guitarist and I began writing music 6 months ago & some it's coming out
pretty good!! Since most of us are pro musicians, our conections should get us heard soon, I hope!! As we are
all fans of BarlowGirl, it would be fun to open for you guys - give us 'til spring & I think we'll be ready! Whether
our managements will be or not, is a different story!!! Our material runs from jazz-fusion to hard rock & we're



Wanted, Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi

I think this song is awesome. Although it is not by a Christian author, I see nothing wrong with the song.
I first heard this song while I was watching TV. I was watching Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" I believe, and they played this song
for the opening credits. Hope ya'll enjoy it!!!

Here is the link to the song:
(I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!) (SONG IS BY BON JOVI) the video was created by FXDWG6969 on Youtube
I'd ignore the video... like... you can minimize the window and still listen to the song if you check out the song... I didn't care for video.
Here is the lyric:

It's all the same, only the names will change,
Everyday, it seems we're wasting away,
Another place, where the faces are so cold,
I'd drive all night just to get back home,

I'm a cowboy, on the steel horse I ride,
I'm wanted, dead or alive,
Wanted, dead or alive,


ya Black Friday tmrw GOING shopping yeahh



How did you hear of !band?: 
My sister took me to a concert and i loved it

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Am a HUGE fan and love what you guys do. YOU ROCK

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ya Black Friday tmrw GOING shopping yeahh

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