How did you hear of !band?: 
I heard of them on 89.1 the Spirit


How did you hear of !band?: 
a friend told me


How did you hear of !band?: 
I was going through an extremely trying and difficult time and I heard one of their songs; it inspired me to delve into the Word and just fall to my knees in front of my God. I have all of the CDs now, and they all "rock".

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Have you ever been asked, "How long have you been a Christian?"? Inevitably, the question arises, as if that fact alone will determine how awesome you are. I don't know why we, as Christians, think it's normal, but it usually is. When the answer comes along, I imagine what it would be like in an AA meeting. "Hi, my name is______and I've been a Christian for___________years/months/days/hours etc." And I can almost see the crowd responding, "Hi_____. Welcome to the Light."

Well, my name is Kelli.
I'm an almost twenty-something living for Christ in a world that wishes I really wouldn't.

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Barlow Girl/ Superchick concert with one of my daughters!

Worth of Sacrifice

An amazing video that illustrates God's sacrifice for us!


How did you hear of !band?: 
Heard first song on the christian radio station several years ago! Love them and their passion for Jesus and the lost!

BarlowGirl's Tour

I am oh so sad sad barlowgirl isn't coming to the west coast for their tour =( just wondering if any of u guys know if they are coming over this way soon? and who they are touring with? i just really want to see them in concert again =) the last concert i saw with them they blew the generator =) it was crazy Thanx =)

National Breast Cancer Foundation Idea

Hi my Name is Kyle Mcnaughton I am from a town in Louisiana called Winnfield. I have been having this idea going through my mind about a concert in my city to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The reason why I chose breast cancer is because we have a high rate in deaths just from that specific cancer. I would love to have as much help as possible and wanted to get well known bands to speak there and inspire other to make a difference and show love. So if anyone has any ideas or wants to help any assistance woiuld greatly be appreciated! I love you Barlow Girls! Your music and the words you speak in your songs are powerful, God is working through yall in a mighty way!


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