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Merry Chrismas to all...

I want to say Merry Christmas from one BarlowGirl fan to any other who may be reading this! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas amidst all the presents, decorations, music, lights, movies and other things that make up a commercial Christmas. I know that I love remembering Mary, and how she was so young and yet she carried the Son of God in her womb, that God would love us enough to let a sinful human just like any of the rest of us, carry and deliver His Son to die for us is truly amazing! I can't believe that He would care so much about sinful humans, who have dishonored Him in so many ways, that He would send the only Son that He loved so much down to a world of darkness to save us all! wow... The thing that is really annoying though is that people won't accept this gift. Some people don't know about Him, but all the same, those people need to hear about Him.

BarlowGirl in Columbus OH...

Me with Barlow attire...

THis is me right after the BarlowGirl/Superchick concert in Colombus OH... I even painted my nails so that it says BarlowGirl on them... It was fun...

kairi's letter

try this its very ispiring


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Well, I'm just a girl =]
I love God, my family and play guitar!
That's just me! (;

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Hi, Guys.
For you to know a little about me... I am Anna. I'm 14 years old. I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I am here to say something than can change your life or means nothing. But I'll say it anyway.
I won't try to make you belive me, I will just say the truth.
And the truth is that You are alive, because He is alive. He already died, he already resurrected and now he is alive.
Why don't we live to died for the one who saved us?
Why don't you cares about it?
It's time to realize and know than we owe our lives for God.

Maybe you already know about it. But you're doing nothing... nothing to thank who created everything.
Why are we so scared to tell this world Jesus saved us?
Why don't we trust in Jesus and don't we put all your beliefs in him?
Why we live to ourself if we can give our lifes to the one who deserve it?

Why don't we live to say about his power and grace across the earth?

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