I love music, 4h, reading, volleyball, hanging with my friends and doing whatever! I'm really involved with my church, especially since it is brand new. I love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, just like the bible says your sposed to do. I love all my family and friends, and I love my life right now. I'm a really random person, and I like to get to know other people.

When I think of God

When I think of God I just want to cry because I know he loves me even though I am a sinner and I mess up way to many times. Sometimes I ask myself why did God make me and let me live and now that I'm much older and I'm growing stronger in my faith I just want to thank him. I think that God has a plan for everyone and I'm studying his word and begin to wonder what he has for me to do. I think when people hear the Name God they put themselves in a shell because they are afraid of him. They are afraid that if they go to him he'll put them to death because they have sinned. But God is a God that spares many people of there evil deeds and he spared them by sending his only son to take there punishment. This God loves everyone and wants the best for them and if they are feeling troubled they can open his word for encouragement and they can talk to him through prayer. Another cool thing about God is if people ask him to heal a loved one of a sickness they can ask him through prayer.



I am 36 and still feel young! Can't believe I have two girls 7 and 9 years old. My husband and I have a cranberry farm in Bandon By-The-Sea, Oregon.


BarlowGirl Harmonizing...

i had taken the picture from the screen that they had set up on the wall... it came out pretty good, i think.


Thee names annie

I am Apostolic Pentecostal
Love playing guitar
Beach, stars and sushi <3
Hanging out with family and friends
Laughing is an everyday rutine
He>i He>i He>i got it!
Life's perfect with JESUS!
text me & ill text back ;]



So I was wondering a couple things:
1st - who writes all of your lyrics/music? Is it a collective effort, or does one of you over the others take the lead?
2nd - I was wondering if you could put on your web site what inspires your songs. Like what kind of things you were thinking/feeling when you decided to write something. For example, "Harder Than The First Time" what was the lightning bolt that woke you up? I think all Christians go through this, but its always really cool to see how God wakes us up to how wonderful He is.


How did you hear of !band?: 
My bestie Kaitlyn(blackrose), Kaitlyn got me hooked

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My name is Allison Leigh...
My besties are Kaitlyn, Sarah,Brooke, Jennifer, Necus, and deffinately Tate!!!
i play soccer volleyball softball basketball....alot? ik!!!
im a crazy fun filled blonde!!!!!!!:))) gah and a dumb one at tht!

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