Megara age 5

SWC 2009

Megara age 4

The Kids having a Blast at Meg's 6th

My husband told my son to pretend to smash his guitar, and he was shocked when Ted brought it all the way down, hard.

VIP Invites

These where the invites that I made for her party

The photo that started it all

This we took at SWC 2008, and was the foundation of what Meg wanted for her Birthday

BarlowGirl Cake and Candle

Meg's 6th Birthday


How did you hear of !band?: 
On Air 1 years and years ago.

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Unlike most girls my daughters age, who want to have Hanna Montana birthday parties, my daughter wanted a Superchick and Barlow Girl party for her 6th birthday. You guys are her favorite. She wanted her birthday cake to look like Alyssa's Bass. The one that is white with the glittery red/pink center and the pink strings. So at SWC this year we talked to Alyssa and asked her about it she told us that she has a Mustang Bass and we found a pic. Megara and all her friends and family at the party wanted to say thank you and share some photos. She got her dream cake, even if it's not perfect, and a matching candle to go with it. Thank you guys so much and God Bless.

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