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I have a passion for Christ. I am the 3rd out of 7 kids. I love having a big church family. I have 3 great danes.....if you want to know more just ask =)


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I heard of them first when I was younger. I don't remember where, but I loved them instantley =)

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I am Kelsey and I am 19 years old. I enjoy art (Painting) and dance (Ballet and Tap) I love BarlowGirl and just recently went to their concert =)

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BarlowGirl vs. The ACT

Alyssa Barlow was kind enough to share with her twitter followers that she and her sisters will be playing at the Apple store in Chicago on December 12th. I was super excited to discover that the 12th was a Saturday, meaning I could actually go! But then. But then I realized that oh, what's that, I'm supposed to be taking the ACT that day. The lovely, horrible, wonderful, disgusting ACT. So what's to do but skip the ACT. And I know, you're probably thinking that I'm a slacker. And while that is true to a degree, I have made one of my infamous lists - you have to make a list - weighing the pros and cons, and hello, BarlowGirl wins. Pretty much a no brainer.

-I've already taken the ACT twice.
-I improved my score the second time I took it.
-I've already been accepted to my first choice school with the score I have now.
-I used a fee waiver for the test, so I won't be losing money.
-BarlowGirl is cooler than the ACT. That's a given.





Well i am sixteen years old and it's kind of cool because i turned 16 at a BarlowGirl concert like there was one on my birthday! it was so cool! it was in west virginia, and they were amazing as usual. I live with my mom and two sisters, i am the youngest. I go by Danni. I haven't a clue were exactly my dad is and i don't know anything about him. I have a dog named Toby, he is so cute and i love him so much! I either want to be an actress or an auther when i grow up, but i really want to take drum lessons. I have wanted to forever!! Just trying to convince my mom(maybe Lauren can help me with that :)) i also would really like to know how to ride a horse. I'm a big animal person, i can be a little shy, but once you get to know me, and i get to know you, i am very talkative!


Quizz result on quizilla

You Think There is Nothing Great About You, But There Is.

Deep inside, your a light. Just waiting to peak out. Your special, (in a good way!) God made you to be someone, and you are loved. Even if you don't think so, or don't wanna be. Your Loved. So hold you head up high, and think "I Am Loved."
P.S. Look up on YouTube "More Beautiful You" By Jonny Diaz.

I was bored cause were out for Thanksgiving break & I took a quiz on
The quiz was "what's the best thing about you" and that was my result. So yeah that's hard for me to believe.

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