Helo Barlow Girl !


Hola, Que Dios Todopoderoso derrame de sus ricas y abundantes bendiciones!!!

que les puedo de decir...!!

Soy una persona que estoy enamorado de mi Dios!!
he pasado por diversas pruebas y he descubierto cuan fiel es Dios,
el jamas me ha dejado solo, y la misericordia que ha tenido para con
mi vida a sido un gran detalle de amor para mi.

Me gusta pasar mañana, tarde y noche de la mano de mi Dios, porque
si el no estuviera conmigo, cual seria el sentido de la vida, no puedo vivir
ni un tan solo segundo fuera de su presencia..

aparte de eso amo mucho la musica, leer y sobre todo dar a conocer lo grande
que es el amor de Dios para conmigo y como lo puede ser para todos aquellos
que le den el primer lugar a El en su vida.

Tambien me gusta trabajar dar lo mejor de mi, todo para la gloria y honra de mi Dios..

Bueno esto es un poco sobre mi!!!

Saludos y Bendiciones
Edwin Deleon.



barlow girl amo muito vocês


How did you hear of !band?: 
My dad bought their cd one day, and I fell in love with their music and its messages!

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I am missionary kid in Indonesia. I love God and hope to be a Christian singer when get older. We go back to America for one year every four years we are in Indonesia. I love surfing and singing.

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I am actually Meghan's Mom,Kristin, but I just wanted to let the girls know how impressed I was to see three young and beautiful gals, use their talent to touch the heart of our youth in such a Godly way. In today's fallen society, children are exposed to a weak and faithless culture in TV, movies, media and even their "friends" at school. However, I have seen a change over the last few years. Perhaps it is because I am a mother of a seven year old, or perhaps I am hopeful, or both...but our church is filled with children and teens who love our Lord.

Continue on with your work. Stand tall in your principled foundation and you will continue to be blessed. Your family is in our prayers and your music is in Meghan's MP3, our car, our get the picture ;) Thank you!


I'm a child of God and hope to help others in need of Him!
I am 18 years old and I am currently a senior in high school.
I love BarlowGirl and my youth group introduced me to them!
"This is war" and I have picked my side.
I want to encourage others to pick the right side!



I am 13 and have loved BarlowGirl for forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have "BarlowGirl"," Another Journal Entry", "How Can We Be Silent", and "Home For Christmas". I can't wait to get Love & War!!!!!!!!!!!!

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