our worlds collide

lauren and alyssa during our worlds collide. front row center is me. it was amazingg. this is my dad's pic.

Me and my little brother with Donald Duck!!

we went to Disney World and met some friends.

Me, Alex, and Kirsten

this is me and some friends during the red ribbon week parade!

Me,Vivian, and Alex!

This is me and my friends on Homecoming Game Day.

Barlow Girl concert experiance

Last night, (November 7th,2009) I whent to a Barlow Girl/ Super Chick concert with Vota playing also at Webster MA...basically funnest night EVER!
I LOVED it!! all the bands were amazing, I was freaking out when Barlow Girl came out, as they are my favorite band! lol
I hadn't heard of Vota before this concert, but before the concert I listened to them alot and watched all their podcast before the concert and I REALLY like them, they are great musicicans.
I had heard of Superchick before, and listened to them also, but never liked them as much as i do now! they are such a fun band, and have really upbeat songs, but also some nice quite songs too.
Ever since i found out i was going to this concert, I watched all their podcasts on their youtube, and listened to them like crazy, and searched them up on google and read all about them:) Their performance was SO awesome, and they also had a great message, and I could really feel the precence of God in the building.

barlow girl and me in webster mass

the girls signing autographs


New poem


Just cause my arms are red with blood
And have scars that will always show
Does not make me a freak
Or make me suicidal
Just cause I have scars
Don't mean you can judge me
When you don't know the other half
You have yet to give me a chance
To show you who I really am & what I have to bring
You don't know what goes on inside
The pain & hurt I feel; that's eating me alive
You don't know these things because I cover up my feelings
Of the strife & regret that fills my life
With a mask; I wear this mask to cover the weeping from deep within
Only to make you think Im a happy-go-lucky girl
But the actual truth is far from that
But what you don't won't hurt me
Cause I know how JUDGEMENTAL you can be

I wrote this poem last night; cause I could not get this one incident out of my head it actually happened on the bus a few weeks ago.



AHH! I am going to a Barlow Girl concert tomorrow:)
I am SOOO excited, words can't even describe it!
I am going with my Best Friend, my sister, my Best Friends mom, and My friends friend.
This is the first concert i have ever gone to, so i am double excited!!
I love Barlow Girl, along perfoming with them is Super Chick
and Vota. Who I REALLY like also, they have such great music!
Since i have found out i was going to this concert, i have watched
all the Barlow Girls podcasts they made on their Youtube.com account
and been listening to them, superchick, and Vota like crazy!
and looking up all about them:)
I will try to post pics, and maybe videos after the concert!


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