NOTW The Bright and Morning Star Jesus

A pattern from a notw shirt.

Random Barlowgirl facts : )

Full Names

Alyssa Katherine Nicole Barlow

Rebecca Elizabeth Marie Barlow

Lauren Ashley Nicole Barlow

Why do they all have 2 middle names? "We have 2 middle names because it's tradition."

Will their children have 2 middle names? Lauren "My kids will have 5 middle names. ) : )



Becca - November, 24

Alyssa - January 4

Lauren - July 29


Starbucks Regulars ( Yeah, Im that obsessed : ) )

Lauren - In the summertime - Venti Iced Americano with cream In the winter - Venti Quad nonfat cappucino

Alyssa - Winter - Double tall decaf skim no whip mocha summer - triple grande iced skim decaf no whip mocha

Becca - Double tall half caf soy cappucino with honey

Fire in the Battle Field

This is one of the pictures we took in halloween when we did a ministry to those outside trick-or-treating!

My top ten favorite artists/bands! : )

2. Skillet
3. Tobymac
4. Hawk Nelson
5. Addison Road ( I love the bass player Travis! : ) He is da bomb)
6. Sarah Reeves
7. Flyleaf
8. Coffey Anderson ( He was on Nashville Star. Check him out!!)
9. Steven Curtis Chapman
10. Matt Papa ( He ROCKS! Your Kingdom Come is AWESOME!!!!!)

Those are my top 10 favorite artists!


Hi♥ My name is Mara I'm 15 year old, going on 16 in Februray, and I'm a sophmore in jagz in Edinburg. I'm a big music lover! I'm listening to music none stop. Its pretty much in my blood. My whole family is about music... Well atleast the Saldaña side, but my mom is apart of it too. We all either sing, play something, or just one thing, but im learning everything I can. My biggest dream in life is to be a rock star. Yeah I know it kinda sounds funny but its true. I can't help it but to follow my dreams and keep going in the ministry of God. I'm also a lover of the son. I'm really into the whole thing. Everytime I hear something new in the bible, I want to know more about it. Well thats all I can say for now. if you have any questions dont be shy, just ask. Thanks and God bless you!


Sorry not accepting friend requests.


I play guitar in our praise band, really enjoy learning new music, we are a fan and we really enjoy playing BarlowGirl songs. i am involved in a local music festival that is an annual event in Garden City, Kansas and we are going to bring in a Christian band this year, we would like BarlowGirl to be that group, i was having trouble trying to figure out who to contact thru the website. i finally ran accross INdemandtalent, i assume this is who BarlowGirl uses, if not let me know who and how to contact. the event is August 21st and 22nd, we are looking at saturday evening around 5-6 pm central time. the event is called Tumbleweed music festival and is a 2 day music festival that hosts all kinds of groups, mostly bluegrass, folk, rock, country, and acletic, some of the bands here last year were Del Castilio, Tia McGraff, Brennen Leigh, Sons and Brothers. Tom May.



i am a HUGE fan! i have always grown up in the church and i would like to call myself a good christian. but unfortunately i found myself forgetting about our savior, this past summer, because i had a very dear friend, who was 11, die of a brain tumor after many months of treatment. and also my family and i moved away from the place i had lived all my life. and i started high school and my older sister is about to go to college, and idk life has just not been easy these past few months, but i am getting back on track, we just recently joined a church here in town, and i love it! every day i feel like i am having a revival..haha but i have starting listening to a bunch of christian music, and i have fallen in love with yall! i love the message that your songs bring and i love the modern rock kind of thing, yall have going on. :)

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