I love music, my family, my friends, & Jesus.


Hello every body i am just listening to the new album I don't haave much time to talk I am going to see a movie with my friend. Talk later.




My name is KC Martin, i love soccer and my friends, not to mention God. i love your music, however i never get to go to any of your concerts.


How did you hear of !band?: 
I bought their first CD as soon as it came out, thought I would see what it was like.

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I live in Salmon,Idaho. I love to be outside, hiking, backpacking, rock-climbing,etc.
I really like Barlowgirl and I pray that their ministry will be blessed.

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I am a girl from Finland but I don't speak Finnish because I'm a "finnish-swedish". That means that I live in Finland but I speak Swedish. It's a small group in Finland that speak Swedish insted of Finnish. :)

Poem about the beginning of a dark night

So this is a poem I wrote Oct 27, cause it was my family's one year anniversery from moving up to North Carolina from Florida. SO I wrote this poem trying to get some of my emotion out; but it didn't really work.

Today marks the day
When all hope was lost
When I realized me pain
When I lost me everything
Today is the day that I regret most
The day that's caused so much pain and grief
That not anyone human can bare
Today marks the day
That I lose me faith
The beginning of my dark night
The start of the fight for my life; that's full of strife
I've come so far, but have fallen to hard

I wrote that poem to get some emotion out that has built up inside of me.At that time a year ago no one knew(execpt God) that I would do what Im struggling with(cutting and drug abuse). Now it's been a year and I feel like a ticking time bomb.


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