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Winter '10

#3 fan of bg????

Sooo...i always call myself bgs number 3 fan because it's polite. if you think about it...their family is their number 1 fan...sooo....then comes close friends...and hhhaaahaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa! So...yeah. :)


How did you hear of !band?: 
I met BarlowGirl through the theater group from my church, I'll never forget this day! \o/

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My name is Sanmarah Machado, I live in Pernambuco - Brazil and
I'm 16 years old, I love the English language, although not speak fluently. I'm very happy to have known BarlowGirl, cause until then all I heard was a single band that still taste great. I identified with this ministry because of the positioning of purity, i support it and I was very happy to know that it is also a gospel band, their music has touched me too, I begin to understand more and more the love of God in my life through them !
My favorite song is "I Need You to Love Me". I feel in my heart the message they want to pass on music, I hear it all the time.

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Friendships can influence us?! or not ..?

Well, many think that is common to have friends, not evangelicals, that don't attend any church, but starting from the moment you see them doing things that God doesn't approve and that their parents didn't too, it's as if you had in a dead end, they all make, less you, but more that you know that it is not right, you are about to commit a big mistake.
But when we keep thinking what motivates us to live, NOTHING and NOBODY can distract us from in what we believe no matter how difficult that is. Yes, we know that we won't live good moments, but the Bible says that we will have troubles in this world, but we have to have good courage, because it was not easy for Jesus, why would it be for us?! We choose attitudes right or wrong, to put our faith in evidence, showing what must be changed in us.





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