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The Simple Things by Emily M.

It’s the simple things that make life special
A cool breeze on a warm summer day
One that soothes the heat that makes
you freckle
That makes you feel loved in a warm and comforting way

It’s the simple things that make life sweet
The smell of summer honeysuckle that climbs the mailboxes I pass on my bike
While smiling at the rainbow of butterflies
I meet
So different yet so alike

It’s the simple things that bring us joy
The way my favorite horse wiggles his nose when he sees me
His face lit up like a child’s when he sees
a toy
As the large flies buzz like a bee

It’s the simple things that make us smile
Like the horizon as sea meets sky
Two perfect shades of blue invite you to stay a while
As the sound of the waves allows you to fly

It’s the simple things that make a life
worth living,
Knowing that if we could live forever we’d only barely discover life
Realizing that while the universe takes away, it is always giving


im not just another girl. i sing- play bells- and play volleyball and will do gymnastics.
my singing is very important and i just can't keep God out of my music.

Rio Grade Valley Winter

Well, looks like tomorrow is our last day of "winter". So sad:( It will be in the upper 40's low 50's. Yup, that's freezing for the valley. It was nice while it lasted. Looks like I'll be singing "White Christmas" forever. It has only snowed once in the time that I've lived here. That was five years ago. I remember my mom had just gotten us all in bed on Christmas Eve when it started snowing. So be the wonderful mother that she is, she woke us up. We all ran out there in our PJ's like a bunch of idiots. I was so excited that I picked up a handful...then I dropped it and exclaimed " It's COLD!!!" We ran inside and having no gloves, put socks on our hands and ran back outside. My sister should get a prize for making the saddest little snowman ever. I made snow angels until I ran out of room. Our dogs, Zorro and Latte had fun, too. And yes, Latte is after the coffee. I shall always remember that year. I can't remember what I got for Christmas, just that it snowed.


I am a girl separated for God. Every day I give him thanks to God by everything what I have and by everything what I am.



How did you hear of !band?: 
listening to WOW Christmas

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