How did you hear of !band?: 
I cant remember really we just have loved them for years!

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My kids and I love barlow girl your such great role models for my teens!

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I have recently (last few months) gotten to hear your songs and I love them. I really appreciate your talent but more than that, I appreciate that you girls are such good examples to your fans. I commend you for being so dedicated to putting God first and not losing sight of Him. Thank you for what you do. God bless you.




Beautiful Ending


I really just wanted to tell you I heard this song in a talent show tonight. I'd never heard it before, at least i don't think I had. This little girl who had a pretty good voice sang this song over a track. Even though she wasn't a great singer and the track was a little lame I could tell how good this song was. I googled it and found out who you guys are, came home listened to your track and now I'm going to order your album. By the way you are all gorgeous girls, Good luck.

St. Joseph's in Germany

The church was right outside our window, so we got to see it all the time :)

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