just avery smart detailed bash and I'll be applying this to the outerand inner corners FBI's and just laying out quite a bit to themand I appears a little bit longer and bigger than it is as you can see here am extending itquite a bit and tear dat just so that my eyes appearlonger that I will also be applying this to my lower inner and outer corners you for this tutorial I will be using in thelife pollitt by and cosmetics in this one daylight now be using this beautifuldark maroon color and packing it on now with amedium-sized a shadow brush to the outer and inner coring and kindaoverlapping at Black of loot line from background that we usefor Mac and just go ahead and we now quite a bitand then apply it right on the peace area or slightly above tobe honest because I don't have a big mound lift base so ithelps when I H Creed at my old increased at making eyesappear lot better than they are repeat the same stop with the lower lashline.


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