He is risen

My mom took the pic


i if you couldnt tell by the user name, i love music!

Oh no,not again

I am so upset with myself! I checked the Barlow tour schedule too late and missed them in Webster, MA! Uuuuuuhhhgggg! I wanna go to a concert soooo badly.


I am a wife and mother of a two year old little girl. I enjoyed seeing BarlowGirl in concert in Wooster, Ohio. I love their music and think they are very talented.


How did you hear of !band?: 
Honestly, I found out about BarlowGirl when I was an eating disorder treamtent center. They would play BarlowGirls and it became a popular favorite of us girls there. I liked the music and continued to listen to BarlowGirls when I got home.

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I'm jsut a girl trying to make it through my first year at college and keep my head above water. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder three and a half years ago, but since I went to treatment two years ago, I've been in recovery. I go to a community collge for now, but I'm hoping after two years to tranfer to a four year school. Somehow, I pull off many different roles in my life. I ran for for the cross country team at the college, and am currently in the indoor track season, and will be throwing in the spring season. I also take on coaching a girls recreational basketball team, 16 credits of classes, and somehow sneak in family, God, and staying in recovery into that equation. Don't really know how I keep my sanity. Grace of God... just a thought.

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I am 16! I live in Downtown Hamilton Ontario Canada! I love your music and love how you spread the word of God! Keep it up!
God Bless



im sheila born in a cristian family. i also sing...and write songs too. and you guys inspires me a lot.how is wish christian music will be spread here in my country too..(philippines).i never really actualy heard about you 'till my bandmate told me about your group. it excites me a lot to know more about you.


I just want to serve Jesus in all that i do. He has gotten be through a divorce between my parents and a lot of other stuff. i just pray that he keep my family and friends safe. you guys are in my prayers. Your music touches so many lives. including my own. Keep up the awsome music. you guys are inspiring. God Bless. Jesus's grace has shown me that anything is possible with him.

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