Love and War Tour - Sat, Apr 10 2010 - Junction City, KS

Junction City Church of the Nazarene
1025 South Washington
Junction City, KS
United States
Sat, 04/10/2010
6:30 PM

lost photo opp! please help

so I attended your concert last night at Church on the Rock in St. Peters Missouri. It was sooooo great! You gals are so beautiful inside and out! my friend got the bid on your black autographed fender guitar and stood in line to get a pic with ya'll and the guitar and I took the pic with my phone. being technologically challenged I did not save the photo and evidence of our memory is lost forever. and my friend is polite but disappointed. would you be so nice to send me a photo signed to "Angie" to make up for my oops! I am a pastor's wife and I introduced her to your music last night at the concert 1st hand and she's now a huge fan, please send to my church at True Life Chapel at 417 Harby Drive, Wentzville Missouri 63385 thanks! Lori


I am a mom of 2 - ages 9 and 6. I am a happily married pastor's wife. Barlow Girl is one of the two groups I listen to for my music enjoyment. (the other is third day) I love how your songs are to the point and in your face whether shouting it or quietly influencing my work with God. Thanks


How did you hear of !band?: 
My older sister bought a tin with three of their CD's in it fairly cheap, and after listening to them quite a bit and memorizing a few of their songs, I got to really like them and learned their names (how silly is it to not know their names?) and some stuff about them. Now their my favorite band!

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Hi! For all of you who know Sistafreak you may want to know that I'm her little sista. I reallyreallyreally like BarlowGirl and am inspired by their passion for God and purity. I don't do anything amazing, like playing the drums like Lauren, playing the guitar like Alyssa and Becca, or singing like all of BarlowGirl, but I know God loves me for who I am.
Long Live the True King,

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stories!! yay!!

I absolutely positively love to read and write stories. I love books!!!!!!!!!!! and I really love BarlowGirl, too! I guess this isn't really a blog but it's whatever it is so yeah. I'm just kind of randomly blabbering about anything random. Do you like random stuff? I do. I really do!! I'm feeling really weird right now. Are you feeling weird? Well, you should cuz everybody, even the most perfectestest people you can get should get weird sometime or another. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...wanna practice speaking Shakespearian with me?
Whoest artest thou? Doest thou thinketh thine moutheth doth noteth speaketh thiseth toungueth? Thou mustest learneth thateth thou canst speakest thiseth languageth. Tis trulyeth quiteth amazingeth ifest thou wantest iteth toeth best.
Okay, now that you've mastered the art of speaking Shakespearian, you may now move onto Piglatin!


I'm very excited because this past Tuesday I learned that I get to start singing lessons this summer! We know the girl who is teaching me and her family, so that's really nice. I'm glad I've got something planned for the summer now! I'm also very excited to get school done and over. I don't pay any attention whatsoever to my science, so I don't remember anything I read even from Friday. I never remember anything that's boring, so don't blame me.
Anyways, hope ya'll enjoy the more-or-less nice weather and get good marks on your science tests, unlike I will...
Long Live The True King,






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