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My older sister's listened to them and got me hooked :)

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I have been singing along with BarlowGirl for several years now, lifting them in prayer as I too am a musician and know the front lines of battle when it comes to music ministry. I was able to meet you guys at Club 3 Degrees in Minneapolis, MN last year (2008) where Lauren had given me her Hebrew Isaiah 54 ring after you prayed over me. I was so blessed that night and continue to lift all of you in prayer.





Your musical ministry is such an encouragement and joy! I truly love your music and let's face it, you make me laugh with your podcasts. (o= I pray for you gals (your folks and Beka too) to stay strong for Christ. Thank you for giving and living your lives for God, you are setting a beautiful example.

Hugs and Prayers!


If I....

If I had the talent to paint… I would paint a breathtaking landscape.

If I could write poetry…I would create a sonnet for the ages.

If I had the words…I would shout them out loud

If I had the talent to write music… I would create a symphony

However, what I do have is the life You have given me, the one You gave your all for.

So with that life, the one created beautifully in You.
I give you my heart, my goals, my dreams.

Most importantly I give you my actions, may they be as pleasing to you as a sonnet to the human heart, a symphony to human ears, or the most poignant words a human mind can fathom.



I was first introduced to BarlowGirls music through Superchick. When I think of their music I think of how much it has been the soundtrack of my memeories.
From riding to school with my sis singing along while in highscool, to my road trip down to my first year of college, and my intership in South Africa during my last year of collge.
Today I am married. Currently in the states itinerating to go to Kenya as a missionary, and once again BarlowGirls songs are apart of my journey. If I could write songs it would have been Beautiful Ending.
Thanks ladies for always staying real!!

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