Hi im Rod. pray, pray, pray for me and my family. saw you at north hills church on march 6. great concert positive message. my 15 year old son got a 14 year old pregnant. the girls parents want her to abort the baby...please pray for me and my family



I am a Christian who loves to serve my Lord. I am involved in a Youth Group I recently started with the Homeschool group I graduated from. I love to learn more and more about God, and I enjoy watching my life unfold the way He wants it to.



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My friend gave me BarlowGirl's first CD.

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I have almost all of their CDs except for their newest one: Our Journey so Far. I have two of their pins, a poster, and a VIP pass.

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I am 38 years old. Two children, Ashleigh who is 16 and my son Cole who is 12 and i am married for the second time and his name is Jimmy.
We live in Lake Havasu City, AZ and i am a hair stylist for 19 years.

Have lived a good but stressful life. No addictions really except to soda, but God has been good to me and my children. Life has not always been easy. Been a single mom most of my children's life but would not trade it for anything. We have a bond that cant be broken.

I am very glad that my daughter has introduced your music to me, because i love it and can relate to so much of it. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.



hey everyone Dancer4God here wanting barlowgirl to know that at my school we do talent days they are any talents you think is cool you can show it to your classmates im doing a dance and the song is come alive by you guys i adore that song!i might post a video of it here on my profile. im so exited please tell me some how if your coming to IL soon. your amazing

JESUS is the way,



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