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I got a hold of their music about 4 years ago. Since then their music has been somewhat therapeutic for me, reminding me truths about God. I'm always encouraged after listening to their songs.

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Just trying to be true to Acts 20:24



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Lauren on the Drums

This is Lauren...and i think she was singing Beautiful Ending.




Well I just went to my first Barlowgirl concert last night, so exciting! Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren are so nice. Lol I gave them a poster I made.
I love to sing(I will be famous one day:)), and ride my horse, and climb rocks, and write stories and songs, and draw!
My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Step Up 2. Step Up 2's the best!
I have two dogs, Faylin (pointer)and Happenstance(rottweiler), , and three cats, Oreo, Ditz, and Pepsi.
I play with three tigers that i work with, Jasmine, Raja, and Trinity. Lol I'm serious!

I've been in church my whole life. My mom and dad were missionaries to Mexico, I loved it there. The people were so nice. Then we moved back to the U.S., where my daddy pastored a church for a while, then we moved to where I live now, and just kind of settled down for a while. Me and my dad went on mission trips together, but we didn't stay in Mexico anymore.




I love this picture!! I took it at the BarlowGirl/Superchick (and VOTA) concert in Longview, Texas.

My God's Enough

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